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Day Camp | Competitive Program | Levels 1-3


Program Dates: 
June 8 - July 22, 2020

Session 1: June 8 – June 24        Session 2: July 6 – July 22
Levels 1, 2 & 3 - 9a-11a – Mondays and Wednesdays | South Junior High, St. Cloud, MN
$225 per Session Register For Both Sessions by May 1, 2020 - $400

Competitive Levels 1-3 are designed for junior varsity, varsity and USTA tournament level players. These levels include advanced skills and drills along with strategy for singles and doubles competition. Please register for the level that most closely matches your tennis player's skill level. Age indicators should only be used as guidelines to assist with placement. BTA staff may move players to place them in the most optimal level for their growth and development. 

Level 3 | Ages 8-15  
Stroke Production  •  Serve  •  Skill Building  •  Stamina

This intermediate level is for players who have played for a few years and have some experience in local or city tournaments. This player is starting to develop some basic competitive strategies and is starting to develop a strong shot on one side of their ground strokes. We will continue to work the fundamentals of the game. This player will be able to compete at the junior varsity level of a high school team.

Level 2 | Ages  12-18 
Stroke Execution  •  Strategy  •  Spin  •  Strength

This is an advanced level for players with strong ground strokes who are developing topspin, slice and strategic accuracy off both sides. This player must be able to sustain a rally and should have a consistent serve. This player has been playing some local and sectional tournaments and is preparing to play some varsity level tennis for their high school.

Level 1 | Ages  12-18
Power  •  Precision  •  Point Execution  •  Positioning  •  Play Analysis

Top level players are admitted to this elite level only with approval by Coach Bowe. This level is for players who demonstrate depth and pace on their ground strokes with good topspin and slice. This level player has a reliable serve with pace and spins and can place all shots with accuracy. Players at this level are in serious training for tournaments and their high school season.  This level will be drill oriented with live ball play situations and strategies. This level is designed for a solid varsity high school level player.



Contact Jack Bowe at or 320.492.7356.

SPECIAL NOTE:  We understand that summers are busy times for all of our camp families. Please understand, however, that due to the need to plan and staff the summer camp we cannot offer discounts on camp tuition for planned vacations and ordinary absences. If you have an extraordinary circumstance please contact Jack to discuss options.